Making money online – you can do it!

I’ve always thought making money online was nigh on impossible. Unless you knew how to come up with a brand new idea that no one else was doing you had no hope.

That was until I was made aware of matched betting with oddsmonkey. This is where I have been spending a lot of my time online lately. Reading, learning and asking questions about anything I can think of. The result has seen me make over £700 in one month of using this website.

I know what you are thinking, “yeah right”. But this isn’t a scam. They teach you how to exploit bookmaker offers to make a guaranteed profit. The best part is there is no risk to your money. This isn’t gambling at all. Of course we need to place bets but we are doing it in a way that we can’t lose. Let me explain.

Matched betting involves placing 2 bets on the same event but on opposite sides of the outcome. That way one bet will win and one will lose, every time. There is no middle ground. We break even on all bets. Then when we get a free bet from the bookie we can use that to lock in a profit.

It’s actually a really simple process and once you have done it once you will be completely at ease with doing it again and again to continue making money day in day out.

A few friends of mine have been doing this for over a year and I’m pretty annoyed they didn’t tell me about this sooner. They have made over £10,000 in that time. That is great motivation for me to stick at it. Imagine earning an extra 10k a year on top of your salary. That is mind blowing to me.

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